Weekly Letter: The Entire Congregation Are All Holy

In keeping with these parshi’os, which deal with the tribe of Levy – the kohanim and levi’im – their count and their service in the mishkan, we present a letter of the Rebbe on the subject of “an hereditary aristocracy in the persons of Kohanim and Leviim”. Although Judaism recognizes a distinction of hereditary classes – at the same time – the essential spirit of Judaism rests on the view that “the entire congregation are all holy.” The Rebbe explains and reconciles the seeming inconsistency of these two ideas.

JEM: Batch #3 of Newly Scanned Photos

Over the past two weeks, Living Archive posted 7,000 newly scanned and uploaded pictures, and the feedback was incredible. The photos were sent from hand to hand, and many people found themselves and their family members.

Here’s My Story: Clandestine Cooperation

Winner of the Israel Prize, Aryeh “Lova” Eliav (1921-2010) was an Israeli politician who held various government posts, including serving in the Knesset. He was interviewed in his home in Tel Aviv, Israel, in January of 2007. This story has previously been published in the book My Story.

Video of the Day

Watch as Chazzen Aryeh Leib Hurwitz of Crown Heights and Chazzen Yossi Lebovics of Florida sing a duet of the famous cantorial piece “Shehecheyanu.”

Iran Shoots Down US Military Drone in Gulf

Iran on Thursday shot down a US military drone that it said was flying over one of its southern provinces on the Gulf, increasing fears of military conflict as Washington seeks to isolate Tehran over its nuclear and regional activities.