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The Aliya Institutes’ MicDrop Event Cancelled

The Mic drop event planned for the Aliya Institute in Crown Heights has reportedly been cancelled. This comes after it publicized that it had received permission to go through with the event despite a rabbinic ban from all Crown Heights Rabbonim.

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Fundraiser Launched for Chabad of Bushwick

Following the recent attack on the synagogue run by Rabbi Heller in Bushwick, his students have initiated a GoFundMe campaign to help enhance the Chabad House, and give a needed boost to the activities in the center. They penned a letter to the public asking to join in this mitzvah.

Rabbinical Delegation Meets German Ambassador to Israel

A delegation of the heads of the the Rabbinical Congress for Peace, led by Rabbi Joseph Gerlitzky, Rabbi of central Tel Aviv, Rabbi Avraham Schreiber, rabbi of the Shavei Shomron settlement, and Rabbi and Yirmiya Cohen, a Chief Rabbinical Justice in Europe and Jerusalem, met yesterday with Germany’s ambassador to Israel, Susanne Vassum-Rainer.

Emerging From the Shadows, Zagreb’s Jews Celebrate a New Mikvah

Zagreb is a picturesque city. Its Upper Town retains historic cobblestone streets and Austrio-Hungarian architecture dating back to the middle ages. Looking out to its Lower Town, colorfully tiled clay roofs and open marketplaces in historic town squares offer stunning views. But, like most Balkan cities, its once thriving Jewish scene has long since disappeared. Today, some 3000 are formally registered as Jews, and now, it will have a mikvah.

Nshei Chabad Releases Video: Outreach Challenge

The whole world feels that something awesome and unusual is unfolding but people don’t know what it is. We have the merit to understand, as the Rebbe told us, that we are the “last generation of Exile and the first generation of Redemption.” How can we help bring the world to realize that all this is the coming of Moshiach?

Picture of the Day

World renowned singers Avraham Fried and Mordechai Ben David were spotted at last nights Shas-A-Thon learning together be’chavrusah. The photo was taken before they were scheduled to sing at the event following the Shas-A-Thon.

Kosher Wine and Food Experience NYC 2019

They came, they tasted, they plotzed. More than 2,000 curious foodies and oenophiles lined up to sample an astonishing showcase of gourmet kosher food and wine at the 13th annual Kosher Food & Wine Experience in New York City, hosted by Royal Wine Corp. The sold-out event took place on Monday, February 11 at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan.

El Al Now Offers Wi-Fi on Israel-North America Flights

Israel’s national airline El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. now offers in-flight Wi-Fi services in trans-Atlantic flights to North America, the company announced Sunday. In July, El Al officially launched the service in all of its flight routes to Europe, following a two-year pilot program.

IDF Soldier Injured in Bomb Attack, Lone Soldier from LA

The IDF soldier who was injured by a bomb thrown by Arab rioters in the Gaza Strip Sunday has been identified as Yoadd Zaguri, an American immigrant and lone soldier. Hundreds of Arab rioters gathered on the Gaza-Israel border Sunday evening, hurling rocks and explosive devices at Israeli soldiers while rolling burning tires at the security fence. An explosive device thrown at a group of soldiers exploded near Zaguri, injuring him.