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Video: The Incredible Life of Faige Jacobson

A Montreal theater company is debuting a play to explore the incredible life of Faige Jacobson, Crown Heights’ ‘Queen of Chessed.’ Her son, Rabbi Asher Jacobson, appeared for an interview on a local TV channel to give a glimpse into the extraordinary lengths of his mother’s acts of kindness to strangers in need.

The Man Behind Montreal’s Mysterious Street Art

The vivid blue mural with swimming fish on the side of a duplex at the corner of Victoria and Kent avenues in Montreal has been attracting attention for months. Only the members of the surrounding Lubavitch community likely recognize the elderly bearded man at the center. It’s obviously the creation of a professional – but who?

Video: Out of the Depths

Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, one of the youngest survivors of Buchenwald, was just eight years old when he was liberated in 1945. Descended from a 1,000-year unbroken chain of rabbis, he grew up to become Chief Rabbi of Israel, and like many of the great rabbis, Rabbi Lau is a master storyteller.

90-Year-Old Circumcised in Ukraine

Not long after we read in the Parsha about Avraham Avinu undergoing circumcision at age 99, a 90-year-old Jewish man was circumcised at the Chabad Menorah Center’s clinic in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.