Lubavitcher Yeshiva Plans $2 Million Building Expansion

Crown Heights’ second largest boys’ school, United Lubavitcher Yeshiva on Crown Street, has filed plans for a much-needed expansion of their existing building, with the intention of adding up to three stories above the existing structure.

by Staff

United Lubavitcher Yeshiva on Crown Street filed plans with the city’s Department of Buildings to expand their school building from the existing three stories to six stories, adding much-needed space for students and classrooms, and thereby also addressing the chronic lack of available space in the neighborhood’s boys’ schools.

The cornerstone for the building was laid in 1988, and its construction was completed soon after. The building was built with future plans to expand as the need would arise.

Plans indicate that the building would be enlarged by three stories, adding a library, offices, study and lecture halls, as well as classrooms that would be able to accommodate some 700 people. The existing roof play area would be rebuilt on the new roof.

The building’s size would be increased from 44,000 square feet to 90,000 square feet, and go from being 26 feet tall to 83 feet tall.

Construction plans indicate that the projected cost of the renovation would be just shy of $2 million.

Crews were seen recently taking soil samples around the school in order to determine ground density for the safety of such an enlargement.


  • 1. Hatzlacha rabba! wrote:

    My boys received a fine chinuch at this yeshiva. I wish many other boys the same opportunity ASAP!

  • 3. Zalman wrote:

    First let’s fill up the building on ocean parkway before paying to build another school.

    • 4. Full wrote:

      1) It is already full: They are renting out to a Belzer Cheder.
      2) Maybe they are 2 separate entities?
      Each one makes their own fundraisers such as chinese auctions etc.

    • 5. With Zalman wrote:

      I agree. Our Rebbe I was told, and agreed to it, because Crown Street was supposed to be for the younger boys and Ocean Parkway would remain the Yeshiva for the older boys. It was never supposed to be two separate schools.

  • 6. BETTER TIMES wrote:

    A big yasher koach goes to rabbi Yossi Simpson for taking the school from days that the school was on strike RC”L to the flourishing school that is is today, and the new administrator rabbi Yossi Langsam spearheading this new projec.

    Yossi Langsam much success in raising the money needed for the extension.


    • 7. Can frum Crown Heights really afford this? wrote:

      Please don’t raise the funds on the backs of struggling parents. Tuition is high in enough and adding on compulsory building funds will be crippling.

    • 8. To previous comment wrote:

      FYI, Crown Heights tuition is the lowest of all communities I’ve ever heard of. Stop complaining.

  • 9. The best yeshiva in CH! wrote:

    This is the best school in crown heights! My sons both go to this school and from the principals to the teachers they are all truly phenomenal! I cant wait for the expansion! Hatzlach Rabba!! You truly set a shinning example of what other schools be like!!

  • 10. 26 feet wrote:

    Impossible that bulid is 26 feet and I it is the building has now four floors how would. Three floors add 57 feet

    • 11. basment wrote:

      Building records dont consider the “first floor” a floor, rather it is a “basement” or “cellar” and what you think is the 2nd floor is really the first, hence it being just 3 floors and 26 feet.


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