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Profile in Courage: The Tzadik of Leningrad

Rabbi Yitzchak Kogan knows the lay of the land in a land where knowing was dangerous. He did what needed to be done even when doing was verboten. A crackerjack on the KGB playing fields, he learned early to tell the good from the bad, to dodge informers and keep one step ahead of the enemy. Today, his years of hard experience in the chokehold of Soviet Russia behind him, he evinces a largeness of spirit and a deep self-knowing.

Op-Ed: Chabad Is Most ‘Open Orthodoxy’ of All

In light of recent controversy on the subject, Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin weighs in on the subject of ‘Open Orthodoxy’ with an interesting twist. “Chabad is the most open orthodoxy of them all,” writes the senior rabbi of Congregation Beth Avraham Yoseph (The Bayt) of Toronto in an op-ed published today at The Times of Israel.

Rabbi Ordered to Remove Shoes in Airport Prayer Area

A Chabad rabbi is demanding a public apology from Heathrow airport after being told to remove his shoes inside its multi-faith prayer room. Removing one’s shoes is required before entering a mosque, but Jewish law requires one to wear respectable footwear during prayer.

Chabad’s Oldest Outpost Lingers On in Casablanca


Raizel Raskin’s office feels like a cluttered museum of Moroccan Jewish heritage. A photo from an old Jewish summer camp lays on the table. Another, of a rabbi meeting Moroccan dignitaries, hangs on the wall. Outside the door is a bookshelf filled with Hasidic tracts translated into Arabic.