From Days Gone By: Lubavitcher Yeshivah, 1952

Students and their mentors pose for a group photo at Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch, circa 1952. Can you identify anyone in the photo?


  • PIXC

    rabbi Yisroel Gordon and Rabbi SB Vishedsky (?)

    Rabbi Zalman Dichman and Rabbi Dovid Raskin

    to the right:
    Rabbi A Korf and Rabbi Berel Junik

  • R. Kalman Shuchat Z"L

    Far left standing is Reb Kalman Shuchat Z”L. A wonderful man and an erlicher chossid.
    This picture is courtesy of the Shuchat family.

  • Anonymous

    back row zalman duchman, dovid raskin
    standing right berel junik
    standing left israel gordon

  • This has gone around before

    i spy reb berel junik, reb yisroel gordon sheyichye, reb dovid raskin

  • Counter clockwise

    Counter clockwise:
    Berl Junik, SB Alperowitz, ? Dovid Raskin, Yankel Holtzman, R. Zalman Duchman, ?, Shimon Aharon Rosenfeld, Yisroel Gordon, Kalman Shuchat, SB Gururi, Nissim Hayward, ? Gershon Taub, Yoel Kahn (with back to camera). (Circa 1953)

  • friend

    betaeen rw dovid raskun and r. berl yunik is r. noson gurary(later in montreal) and …dubinsy.

  • friend

    front row from left- R. sholom ber gurary, r. moshe kazarnovsky, r. laibel zajac???, reb yitchok pevsnar, r. ury ben shachar??
    sitting next to r. yisroel gordon is re,??? begun