Filmmaker Cuts His Hair for Kids with Cancer

Crown Heights filmmaker Meir Kalmanson has once again taken to the streets of New York City for a hilarious soon-to-be-viral video. This time, however, in addition to the laughs, a worthy cause was being served.

Relates Meir: “Three and a half years ago, I was inspired to grow my hair out to donate it to a child with cancer.

“Over this period of time, it brought me close to the brave children who go out to battle every single day with their head held high and take on challenges way beyond any human being should have to.

“I hope through this video it will inspire others to go and do what they can, whether it’s donating their own hair, visiting a child in the hospital or volunteer for a local organization.”

We have chosen not to embed the video on our website, since its Tznius standards may not be on par with those of our readers, however you may view it on YouTube at your own discretion.


  • 3. Great Cause! wrote:

    Now lets see you go out and do Mivtzoim!

    Tefillin, Mezuzzah, Neshe”k, 7 Noahide Laws… You seem to be a great “people person”, and can influence others to do good.

    And, yeah… Don’t compromise on tznius… for the z’chus of all the children suffering and fighting valiantly against the dreaded illness!

  • 4. Lubavitcher wrote:

    If standards aren’t on par, why did you post the story to begin with? May be a heartwarming story to inspire other kehillos, but not ours. Vdal.

  • 5. Nice! wrote:

    Very inspirational! Unfortunately I also see some negativity that I feel needs to pointed out.
    1) While it is most commendable that you are bringing awareness to this amazing cause, why are you doing it without your kippa on your head?
    2) No matter how great an action may be, we cannot compromise on the laws of tzniut. Touching women even for a good cause is not acceptable for a Lubavitcher. This is going down the same path as Shlomo Carlbach.

    Meir please keep up the great work, just be more aware of who you are and what your standards should be!

    Best of luck

  • 6. Meir Rocks wrote:

    Each video is better than the one before! You have an awesome talent for finding a positive spinspin on our crany world. Please try to polish up on the tznius behavior and dress code of your videos, and our children will benefit greatly from your talent.


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