President Obama Welcomes Chabad Delegation

Earlier today, Monday, April 27, President Obama welcomed a delegation from Chabad-Lubavitch into the Oval Office to commemorate Education and Sharing Day, USA. Established by Congress in 1978 to honor the life’s work of The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, Education and Sharing Day provides an opportunity to focus on education’s importance and recognize the contributions Rabbi Schneerson made during his lifetime in the fields of education and morality, ethics and justice.

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Supplies Rapidly Dwindling; Nepal Chabad Provides Shelter, Food and Hope

With supplies rapidly dwindling and nightfall settling over the nation, Chabad of Nepal continues to provide food and aid to those in need following a massive 7.8 earthquake Saturday that devastated the country and left much of the capital of Kathmandu in ruins.

ULY-OP Chinese Auction Winners Announced

United Lubavitcher Yeshiva-Ocean Parkway has released the names of all the lucky winners in its Chinese auction held yesterday, Sunday. The biggest winners, of course, are the students of ULY-OP, who will benefit greatly physically and spiritually from the proceeds of this event. Is your name on the list?

Op-Ed: The Truth About Camps

Over the past decade, thousands of words have been spilled, in conversation and in print, over the alarming rate of our youth going off the derech. Accusations have been made against our school systems and against the parents. The rabbonim, the mashpiyim and even our store vendors have been blamed.

by Yehuda Kaplan