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‘Dollar-Van’ Collides with Truck, Passengers Flee

Passengers in a ‘dollar-van’ fled the scene of a high-speed crash after their vehicle collided with a truck on Albany Avenue early Monday morning.

The crash occurred at around 6:00am in the intersection of Albany Avenue and Empire Boulevard. A box truck was traveling west-bound on Empire Boulevard and its driver claimed to have had the green light when it was struck by a gray 15-passenger ‘dollar van’ which was traveling down Albany Avenue.

A driver and passenger in the truck suffered minor injuries and remained at the scene.

The driver and passengers of the van climbed out of the driver’s side window and fled the scene before police arrived.

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  • 3. Back to old days wrote:

    It’s a dangerous corner DOT got to make changes the old pattern on this corner was much safer

  • 7. info wrote:

    its very possible that the truck driver didn’t realize what happened.

  • 8. Truck had a green wrote:

    You can see from the other vehicle traveling east on Empire Blvd. normally, not speeding, across Albany that the van most likely ran a red light.

  • 9. Yossel wrote:

    Dollar vans are vehicles with NO license to carry passengers, just an operator who wants to make tax free cash illegally. They are operated by Colored drivers and usually have no insurance, nor are they licensed to drive a livery vehicle. STAY AWAY from them, they are unsafe and illegal!

    • 10. Rachel wrote:

      How can you even use a term like that? There is no need for your casual racism here.


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