Campaigns Launched for Kuperman Children

Nearly three weeks ago, the six Kuperman children were orphaned after their mother, Chanie, tragically passed away after a prolonged illness. Now, three fundraising campaigns have been launched for the family’s both current and future expenses, and $12,500 has already been raised.

3 Arrested After Fleeing Crash Scene, Police Find Drugs

Two Crown Heights men were arrested last week after attempting to flee the scene of a crash on Empire Boulevard. Police discovered a cache of drugs in their van and later arrested a third man after he attempted to sneak a duffel bag out of the van, police found more drugs in the bag.

Video: ‘I Give You the Match’

Ambassador Yehuda Avner, who passed away this morning, served on the personal staff of five Israeli Prime Ministers. In 1977, after meeting with President Jimmy Carter at Camp David, Menachem Begin sent him to report to the Rebbe.

Subway Fare Rises for 4th Time in 5 Years

New York City commuters, brace yourselves: The price of traveling on New York City’s mass transit system just got even steeper. Fare increases kicked in across the board Sunday on the city’s subways, buses, commuter trains, bridges and tunnels, part of a series of fare increases in recent years built into the MTA’s budget.