3 Arrested After Fleeing Crash Scene, Police Find Drugs

Two Crown Heights men were arrested last week after attempting to flee the scene of a crash on Empire Boulevard. Police discovered a cache of drugs in their van and later arrested a third man after he attempted to sneak a duffel bag out of the van, police found more drugs in the bag.

The incident occurred last week, Wednesday, on Empire Boulevard near Bedford Avenue. A van being driven by a 16-year-old Jewish teenager collided with another vehicle, and then attempted to flee the scene.

Detectives from the district attorney’s office, who happened to witness the crash, chased the fleeing van, pulled it over and called for NYPD backup. Officers responded to the scene and took the driver, along with a 23-year-old passenger into custody.

Officers searched the van and discovered a substantial quantity of drugs, including marijuana and amphetamines. The two were charged with possession, as well as fleeing the scene of an accident.

While conducting their investigation, officers observed a third man approach the vehicle and remove a duffel bag. When confronted, he said that it was his bag. Before letting him leave, officers searched the bag and found an additional quantity of the same amphetamines and marijuana. He was placed under arrest as well.

The third individual was identified as the same 28-year-old Jewish man who was arrested just a few months ago for alleged drugs and weapons possession in the basement of Aliya on East New York Avenue.

While in custody, one of the suspects ‘flipped out,’ according to police sources, and climbed up the bars of the holding cell and tore down a ‘drop ceiling’ with light fixtures and electrical boxes. He was placed a different holding cell and received added charges of criminal mischief for the vandalism.


  • moshe der g

    hashem yiracheim

    these are not “men” they are our children. and they have a mother and a father who must be crying for them.

    that they can stray off the path and do these things.

    we need to figure out a way to help these kids and make sure that we dont have a market for tehse things in our community.
    we need to speak to our children about the danger of drugs and all that

    may hashem help them and all os us

  • why why

    are you posting this story you don’t think as a parent i’m hurting enough

  • good

    thanks chinfo for this posting
    we have to know what is happening to take action to prevent this in the future

  • Mother

    Don’t be so quick to judge. There are kids from good families in Crown Heights who are involved with drugs. A son of a prominent rabbi. There is a,serious crisis with our kids. Wake up, could happen to anyone.

  • laZDoxLerner

    I don’t understand why we arrest these kids who didn’t hurt anybody, just in need of help, but the guy who hit a student coming off a school bus hardly got a ticket…