Video: What Al Sharpton Is Really All About

In an eye-opening new video released by conservative activist group Project Veritas, Al Sharpton, the notorious inciter of the Crown Heights riots, and his group National Action Network (NAN) are shown to be “all about the money” – routinely creating racial division and exploiting tragedy for personal gain.

Over 500 Essays on Chassidus Submitted for Contest

The excitement was palpable and the inspiration contagious as hundreds of submissions poured in to the Meaningful Life Center’s inbox hours before the MyLife: Chassidus Applied Essay Contest deadline last Thursday night, surprising MLC staff and judges with the sheer number of participants – over 500 essays – committed to learning, researching and writing an original essay on the application of Chassidus to a life challenge.

Audio: Purim Dance Track

Crown Heights musician Aron Niasoff has produced a new lively Purim dance track, which he is sharing with the community to stream and download free of charge. The track is perfect for Purim parties, Purim vehicles, or merely for one’s personal enjoyment.