Video: What Al Sharpton Is Really All About

In an eye-opening new video released by conservative activist group Project Veritas, Al Sharpton, the notorious inciter of the Crown Heights riots, and his group National Action Network (NAN) are shown to be “all about the money” – routinely creating racial division and exploiting tragedy for personal gain.


  • tt##

    look how nobody is commenting on this…..maybe people know that when you give negative attention to a narcissist, they enjoy it. So better to just ignore him. He really has a disorder.

  • A national disgrace.

    He’s a disgrace to African -Americans. Like Obama he does not care about them and is just an opportunist who has is own evil agenda.

  • Dr. Binyomin Nemon

    WOW, what a STINGING indictment of AS (but we always knew that this SHAMELESS self promoter’s number 1 constituency is HIMSELF).