Time to Bake the Matzah

HOI 19 Online News

Peoria, IL — The start of Passover is just about a week away, and to get ready, some Peoria kids learned how to make one of the holiday’s traditional foods — matzah.

They also practiced having a seder, which is the Passover meal.

Both are traditions the rabbi says are important for kids to learn.

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Africa theme unites Jewish community for Purim

The Chronicle News

Monroe NY — Chabad of Orange County’s annual Purim celebration was an African-themed party offering a way for Jews of diverse backgrounds to celebrate Purim together.

Rabbi Pesach Burston, dressed in authentic African garb, welcomed the crowd of 175 men, woman and children from throughout the county who came to the party on March 4 at the American Legion Hall in Monroe. The evening began with the traditional reading of the Megillah scroll of Esther, which depicts the story of Purim. Simultaneously, participants viewed a multi-media slide show illustrating the historical events of Purim. To drown out the name of the wicked adversary Haman, children enthusiastically jumped on gigantic bubble wrap, shook graggers (noisemakers,) and pounded on African drums.

This Passover an Exodus Experience of a lifetime

By Brendan Berls – Star-Ledger Staff

Thousands of children will attend interactive show held in Hanover

Livingston, NJ — “In every generation, a person is obligated to regard himself as if he personally left Egypt,” reads a passage in the Talmud.

This Passover, thanks to an undertaking on the scale of a Universal Studios theme park attraction, some 10,000 school children across New Jersey will be able to do just that.

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Humor: Matza Baking to be Outsourced to India

Jewish Nooz articles are drawn from different sources and most are fictitious. It uses invented names in many of its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental. The reader should suspend belief for the sake of enjoyment.

New York, NY – Taking its queue from Corporate America, the matza baking industry will be following in the footsteps such mammoth corporations as Dell, Microsoft, and American Express.

Matt Saaven, president of the American Matza Bakeries Association (AMBA) explained the reason behind the move. “Due to the annual rise – no pun intended – in the costs of producing shmura matza, we are forced to find ways to lower our costs. Those savings will, in turn, be passed over – again, no pun intended – to our customers.”

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The Shluchim Office hi tech online placement system specializes in girls’ placement. To date, hundreds of Shluchos have successfully found girls through our efficient and user friendly system. The scores of grateful responses bear testimony to the fact that this system is just what was needed.

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Pirsum Rishon! The Rebbe at his Mothers Leveaya

<%popup(rare picture rebbe at mother funeral/lrg.jpg|754|580|Click Here to enlarge the picture!)%>

In honor of Yuf Alef Nissan, the Rebbes birthday we are please to publish this picture for the very first time with our thanks to Rabbi Mordechai Kirschenbaum for sending us this picture.

The picture was taken on Vov Thisray 1965 at the Rebbes mother, Rebbetzin Chana’s A”H Levaya. It was taken in the Montefiore Cemetery in Queens.

Basement Ransacked on President Midday

The entrance to the ransacked basement

Brooklyn, NY — This past Friday a very disturbing incident took place, a basement on President St between Kingston and Albany was broken into, ransacked and had items of value stolen from it. The Shomrim hotline received a call at around 3:30pm from one of the tenants in the basement that her basement was just robbed. Numerous units responded to find the place turned over.

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Stolen Car Prompts Large Police Activity

Brooklyn, NY — Thursday night at around 9:30pm a man who had parked his car on the corner of President St and Albany Ave watched an older model Toyota Camry, driven by a few black youths, reverse into his car and damage it then attempt to flee the scene. The owner of the car immediately approached a police car which was stationed on that corner and told them what had happened.

The officers then got out of their car and approached the Toyota which prompted all its occupants to flee, two Bochurim who were just exiting the alleyway on the block watched the youths fleeing and stopped on of them by tripping him to the ground and holding him for police.

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Jewish Children’s Museum Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

Brooklyn, NY -– On Thursday night, March 22, the Jewish Children’s Museum hosted its annual dinner, celebrating two hugely successful years since opening. Reknowned Judge Michael Mukasey, George Klett and John Kanas from North Fork Bank, Arnold Penner were all honored at the event. Former mayor Rudolph Giulliani addressed the crowd via video and other politicians, as well as political representatives from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s, Governor Eliot Spitzer and Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz’s offices also attended.

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Sefer Torah On Wall Street

The Jewish Press

New York, NY — Downtown Manhattan has seen its share of glorious processions down the famed canyon of heroes. On Motzei Shabbos, March 10th, hundreds of Jews joined together to share in the joy and celebration of a Hachnosos Sefer Torah in the heart of New York’s financial district.

Over 500 participants escorted the Torah down Wall Street, past the New York Stock Exchange, to its new home in the new headquarters of Business Payment Systems. The Torah was dedicated in honor of Rabbi Yitzchak Gansburg, a beloved community leader.