Basement Ransacked on President Midday

The entrance to the ransacked basement

Brooklyn, NY — This past Friday a very disturbing incident took place, a basement on President St between Kingston and Albany was broken into, ransacked and had items of value stolen from it. The Shomrim hotline received a call at around 3:30pm from one of the tenants in the basement that her basement was just robbed. Numerous units responded to find the place turned over.

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Among the items taken were 2 computers, a check book and the contents of a tzedakkah box. It was immediately apparent that the incident took place some time before the woman got home. It appeared that the burglar or burglars gained entry through the front door and made their exit through the rear and spent very little time in the basement itself.

Police responded some time later to take a report and along with the officers came a Crime Scene Unit in order to try and lift fingerprints of the perpetrators. would like to take this incident and remind residents that this incident took place midday in broad daylight on a busy street right off Kingston Ave. Please take notice of your surroundings, if you see someone or something our of place please notify Shomrim at (718) 774-3333 24/7 and 911, its up to us to make our neighborhood a safer place!


  • me

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  • firsthand

    there have been a rash of such break-ins over the past few months. some blocks have been hit twice! people have lost jewelry, cash and electronics. We need eyes and ears to be alert everywhere — even by day, as most of these occur in the late afternoon hours.

  • from the mountains of yehuda

    as long as our situtation in israel detererates then jews around the world will suffer. the goyim preceive us as weak and vulnerable. always a bad omen.