Yom Iyun for Bochurim Going on Merkos Shlichus to Russia

Brooklyn, NY — A special preparatory study day was held last week Thursday for around a hundred Bochrim who are heading out today, Sunday, on Shlichus to various places in Russia, under Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch’s Merkos Shlichus program.

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The gathering was held in Lubavitcher Yeshiva on Crown St where the Bochurim heard from Rabbi Pinchos Zaklas, Shliach to Croatia who gave tips to the Bochurim based on his experiences when he went out on Merkos Shlichus. Following was R. Sholom Ber Chaikin Shliach to Cleveland, OH who gave an in depth Shiur about the Halochos of Pesach and Kashering kitchens.

Rabbi Berel Lazar Chief Rabbi and Shliach in Russia stopped by and spoke to the Bochurim about what they should expect to encounter on their Shlichus and gave tips on how to make a successful Sader. Also in attendance was R. Moshe Kotlarsky, vice chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch and R. Yosef Plotkin who was behind the planning and executing this years Merkos Shlichus.