Stolen Car Prompts Large Police Activity

Brooklyn, NY — Thursday night at around 9:30pm a man who had parked his car on the corner of President St and Albany Ave watched an older model Toyota Camry, driven by a few black youths, reverse into his car and damage it then attempt to flee the scene. The owner of the car immediately approached a police car which was stationed on that corner and told them what had happened.

The officers then got out of their car and approached the Toyota which prompted all its occupants to flee, two Bochurim who were just exiting the alleyway on the block watched the youths fleeing and stopped on of them by tripping him to the ground and holding him for police.

More pictures in the Extended Article!

Upon further investigation police found that the Toyota was reported stolen earlier on that day. Many officers responded and searched for the suspects and even brought in a K-9 Unit (Canine dog) which did not yield any results. A crime scene unit responded to the scene as well and dusted the car in attempt to lift fingerprints of the suspects.


  • Bad Building for Crown Heights

    Right outside winters building! we need to do somthing about that building any know anything?

  • Avi

    I was on the corner when this happened. First off the guy in the BMW didn’t call the cop, the cop happened to be driving down Albany at the time. Only after the Toyota took a red did the cop turn his lights on. And even then the guy in the BMW had to tell the cop to chase him. After that the kids got out of the car and immediately took off in two seperate directions. One down President towards Troy. The other down Albany towards Empire. The police officers responded immediately by running into each other and actually falling on the floor next to their squad car. They had no chance of catching these kids. Two kids, stole a car and got away.

  • really annoyed schuna member

    I was on kingston at the time, saw police coming and saw a black teenager jump into the alleyway by sterling electronics very obviously avoiding police. i immediately called 911 and they did not do anything. the police cars with sirens drove right by us while the guy fled into the alley and the operator asked a whole bunch of useless questions! it was only after that i realized i should’ve called shomrim first. the police do not care. even if they would catch them, they would be free 5 minutes later. we need to take things into our own hands – williamsburg style.

  • I remember when...

    If I’m not mistaken the picture of the one that was caught is the exact same as one that has been shown some time in the past on this website when he was caught perpertrating another crime. Webby, could you maybe look through the archives and confirm that. If so I think that the East River and weights would be appropriate.

  • get your heads outta the sand or whateve

    Blah! Blah! Blah!

    Everyone’s so ticked off by all this. And STILL you don’t get it!

    Wake up! THE COPS DON’T CARE. If we want to keep our neighborhood safe, we have to do it ourselves… whatever it takes!

    The nice weather’s coming, people. The animals come out of their holes. Beware.