Pirsum Rishon! The Rebbe at his Mothers Leveaya

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In honor of Yuf Alef Nissan, the Rebbes birthday we are please to publish this picture for the very first time with our thanks to Rabbi Mordechai Kirschenbaum for sending us this picture.

The picture was taken on Vov Thisray 1965 at the Rebbes mother, Rebbetzin Chana’s A”H Levaya. It was taken in the Montefiore Cemetery in Queens.


  • Odd Picture...

    Somthing seems to be off in this picture. It says that its the Rebbes mother Rebbetzin Chana’s Kvurah, but in the picture we see the Rebbe standing in the pathway and all the people gathered have their backs to Rebbetzin Chana’s resting place.

    Anyone care to clarify please?

  • One Possobility

    The people gathered are not facing the pathway, they are facing both the Kever AND the pathway. If you look closely just above the ‘C’ of Crownheights.info, that shaddow area is the Kever

  • wasn-t there

    I believe that vov Tishrei was on Shabbos, so I would assume the levaya must have been on Sunday, zayin Tishrei.
    Could someone confirm?