White House Calls Out UN Anti-Israel Bias

The Trump administration gave formal notice on Tuesday that it is reviewing its participation in the U.N. Human Rights Council and called for reforming the body to eliminate what it called its “chronic anti-Israel bias”.

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Amazon Prime Discounted for Those on Food Stamps

Amazon is offering a sizeable discount on its Prime membership for people who receive government assistance. Customers that possess a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, used for programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs, or food stamps, will pay $5.99 per month.

Picture of the Day: Melbourne, Australia

In light of the terror attack in the Brighton neighborhood of Melbourne last night, Rabbi Pinny Super, director of Chabad Young Professionals-Melbourne, in coordination with the local chief of police, visited the site of the attack this morning to offer moral support and give thanks on behalf of the Jewish community to the brave police force and investigators who risk their lives for the communities safety. He brought along warm danishes and goodies for the police to enjoy throughout the day.

Bochurim Walk Hours to Bring Torah to Public Schools

On the first day of Shavuos, Bochurim from Crown Heights headed out to Public Schools all over the city to conduct their weekly Wednesday “Released Time” hour of Jewish education. On foot, they reached public schools until the far ends of Brooklyn and Queens, some distances of over 10 miles, taking over 3 hours each way.

Video: Fill Up With Positivity

What can we learn from the different way the Allied powers responded to Germany following its defeat in World War I vs. World War II? In this first edition of a new weekly video series, Rabbi Pinchas Taylor, Shliach in Plantation, FL, explains in a concise way how negativity within cannot gain strength when we are filled with a positive attitude.