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Calls to Boycott Sears over Hateful Designs

A line of clothing with slogans calling to “Free Palestine” and “End Israeli Occupation” over a clenched fist have gone up for sale on the Sears website, prompting calls for a boycott of the company on social media.

The clothing is being offered for sale by another company, Spreadshirt Collection, and includes tank tops, and t-shirts and hoodies featuring a variety of pro-Palestinian messages. The garments are being sold through Sears Marketplace, which offers a platform for third-party sellers to offer their wares through websites managed by Sears.

On its website, the Germany-based Spreadshirt Collection calls itself a “global platform for personalized clothing and accessories, we are the go-to-place for anyone looking to realize their creative ideas on quality fabrics. We value freedom of expression, whether it’s with your own designs or those made available by our community.”

The company claims that it would not print anything that is “bound to offend people.”

“Just like with other things in democracy, there are natural limits to our freedom of expression. We do not print things that are bound to offend people, e.g. pornographic material and content designed to insult and discriminate against genders or religious and ethnic groups. We won’t print anything that’s not right and fair. Above all, a code of ethics applies. This implies that we do not condone any designs displaying hate and contempt for others,” the website says.


  • 1. conc wrote:

    so does that mean that we have to boycott LandsEnd too, since they are the same company, I think.

  • 4. CMd2 wrote:

    this needs to reach alot of people. everyone should send it around

  • 5. ALSO K-Mart wrote:

    The three companies (Sears, Lands End, and Kmart) share shopping crossover on their websites, and also “Shop Your Way” — a points system for purchases.

  • 6. power of Tzibur wrote:

    Was in contact with Sears customer service and they have received close to a thousand complaints and will likely, so he says, adjust the resellers policy

  • 8. Bev chait wrote:

    I am notstanding for this filth. Sears must be fined and the shirts burned. Fancy printing such propaganda lies on clothing.

  • 9. Baya Chait wrote:

    This is filth. Sears must be fined and the message on the clothing burned. Its horrendous to print such a propaganda disgusting lie on a t-shirt.

  • 10. Sears CEO wrote:

    “In 2001, he married Kinga Lampert and they have three children.[1][2] They have homes in Miami Beach, Florida,[19] Aspen, Colorado,[20] and Greenwich, Connecticut.[21] The couple are active members of their local Chabad house.[22]”

    From the Wikipedia page of the CEO of Sears

  • 11. Sears hanging on by a thread wrote:

    Financially speaking, sears is not doing so well. So either way, you wont see these shirts being sold by Sears much longer.

    • 12. Uncool wrote:

      Probably Sears made the mistake so many other declining companies have made in an effort to appear relevant to young consumers: Embrace the left-wing.

  • 13. The kangeroo wrote:

    If it meets the tznius standarts of Rabbi Gurary they should be able to sell it.Hateful expressions are stanard fare in Crown Heights.

    • 14. You've got no class wrote:

      No. It’s not tznius. Girls should have more brains and self respect than to wear messages on their clothing that scream “read me, look at me”.
      The only hate is from people like you who disrespect the women of our community, and make them feel the need to expose their bodies so pls like you can oogle at them.

  • 15. not hateful wrote:

    The Israeli High Court of Justice has ruled that Israel is occupying the West Bank.

  • 16. Worried in Wisconsin wrote:

    If the seller of this clothing is based in Germany, then maybe we all should be calling the German embassy. My understanding is that there are strict laws in Germany regarding issues like this and perhaps they could just be shut down.


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