My First Visit to a Chabad House

Ellen Resnick, a resident of a suburban town in the northeast, relates her experience walking into a Chabad House for the first time, and how it differed from the stereotypes about Chasidic Jews that she assumed to be true since her youth.

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Lubavitcher Raises $60 Million for Tech Company

Swagbucks, a Los Angeles-based web-rewards company founded by Lubavitcher Yosef Gorowitz, announced that it has raised $60 million in venture capital from investment firms amid exponential growth over the past year. The company also announced that it has hired a new and experienced CEO.

L.A. Diamond Daveners Celebrate Shul’s ‘Bas Mitzvah’

12 is a well-known number in Judaism. There are the 12 tribes, 12 stones of the Choshen, 12 loaves of Lechem Hapanim. But most of all, it is the age at which a young girl experiences her transition into a woman. How appropriate then, when a Shul celebrates 12 years of success, for the Ezras Noshim to gather for the celebration – especially when it’s the Ezras Noshim of the only Shul in the world that is for the Kids – by the Kids!

Please Say Tehillim for..

Please take a moment and say a Kapital Tehillim for Yosef Yehuda ben Kreindel, a Shliach in Southern California who is suffering from an advanced bout of ‘yene machla,’ and needs our prayers for his speedy and complete recovery.