Israel Mourns Seven Victims of Jerusalem Terror Attack

Thousands of mourners gathered at cemeteries and shiva houses around Israel Saturday night and Sunday to pay their respects and offer their condolences to the families of the seven people who were murdered in a terrorist attack at a synagogue in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood of Jerusalem on Friday night. Here are some remembrances of those who were murdered from their families and friends.

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Rabbi Yehudah “Yudi” Dukes’ Mission to Spread Torah Continues with JNet’s New Platform

JNet, the Jewish Learning Network, launched a new cutting-edge platform ahead of the 2nd yahrzeit of Rabbi Yehudah “Yudi” Dukes on Monday Ches Shevat, as a tribute to his lifelong mission of connecting people to Torah. The platform aims to enhance the learning experience for Chavrusahs with its AI matching system, rewards system, and community features.

Ilan Ramon’s Rabbi Honors Columbia at Space Center Ceremony

Standing alongside NASA officials, astronauts, dignitaries and family members last week, Rabbi Zvi Konikov, co-director of Chabad-Lubavitch of the Space and Treasure Coasts in Central Florida, mourned the tragic losses of the astronauts aboard the Apollo 1, the Challenger and the Columbia, and recalled his personal friendship with Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon.

Jewish Education Under Attack: The Yael Foundation Conference in Cyprus Addresses The Challenge of Education For Jewish Children Around the World

Rabbis and educators from around the world gathered at a special conference dedicated to honoring educators working to integrate religious content for Jewish students attending secular or Christian schools. They shared techniques, discussed ways to work within government (public) education systems, and deal the enormous threat of assimilation.

Picture of the Day

Have you ever tried to Daven when you’re really high? Ari Lesser, reporting from 12,000 feet elevation at the Continental Divide at Loveland Pass, Colorado, can confidently say that after being wrapped up in a Tallis, strapped into Tefillin, it’s still rather difficult to thumb through the Siddur with thick snow gloves. This picture was taken in just 6 degree weather, with a powerful icy east wind blasting so hard he could barely even make it through Amidah facing Mizrach.