TONIGHT Part #5: Learn Why We Want to Expand 770, Learn Kuntres Beis Rabbeinu

Tonight, Sunday 8 Shvat (1/29/23), at 9:30pm 770time (EST) please join us on zoom as we continue with part 5 of our shiur in learning the Kuntres Beis Rabbeinu, so we remember why we need to Expand 770!

Please click this URL to start or join.

One of our initiatives to promote and encourage the expansion of 770 is to arrange shiurim in Kuntres Beis Rabbeinu in Anash communities and Lubavitch Yeshivos worldwide, including a mivtza in Yeshivos.

There should be no Jew who has not learned the kuntres, that instructs us to each get involved in expanding 770 as a preparation to bring the beis hamikdosh down.

Our mission is to promote and encourage the expansion of 770.

Check out and start promoting and encouraging the expansion today!