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Weekly Story: Gan Yisroel

As this Wednesday night/Thursday day is Gimmel Tammuz, I figured I will post a story of the Rebbe, that will inspire us, and we will come to the realization, that a faithful shepherd, does not forsake his flock. After all, by every farbrengen beginning this Shabbos, stories of the Rebbe will be said and listened to. Indeed I began working on finding out the details of just such a story, which would have been called “A Dollar for the Taxi-driver.”

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Hanachos Announces Week 4 Winners

With 200 Hanachos from the 13 participating Mesivtas, This weeks Maniach Rabbi Dovid Feldman has chosen the top two Hanachos written by Yosef Vaisfiche from Mesivta Ateres Menachem Montreal written in Yiddish and Avraham Zushe Goldberg from Oholei Torah Mesivta written in English.

Camp Emunah Relocates To The Poconos

On Friday, when NYS announced that summer camps would not be permitted, this brought devastation to many campers. Camp Emunah decided that it was a must to make the summer a reality, and relocated to the Poconos.