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Eber’s Liquors & Wine Tishrei Sales

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Bais Toras Menachem Smicha Program in LA Entering its 13th year!

Just a few spots left in the dorm! 
*Heimish, Chassidish, and structured environment
*Warm caring staff; individualized attention
*Daily Smicha shiur taught by renowned teacher Rabbi Levi Chazan
* GED or college credits through TTI
* Warm and welcoming Anash Community
*Beautiful dorm, wholesome meals
*Shabbatons, bbq’s, and amazing trips
*Opportunity to visit and assist Shluchim throughout California
* Scenic hikes and beautiful weather !
*Online option available for Smicha
For more information see our website, or call Rabbi Levi Chazan at 323-528-6905 or Mrs. Rivky Katz at 323-495-3010.

To View a Video on the Program : Click Here

JEM: Precious Souls, A First-Of-Its-Kind Event

JEM announces a new offering for Chabad houses – an immersive event featuring an interactive media presentation. Tailored for broad audiences, the event offers people the opportunity to learn and draw inspiration from the Rebbe’s belief in the power of the individual.

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Gmar Chasima Tova From Heights Properties

Four Rockets Launched from Gaza

Four rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory Wednesday afternoon. The launches caused Red Alert Sirens to blare in Kibbutz Saad, Nahal Oz and Kfar Aza. Two rockets landed in Israel, causing no injuries.