Crown Heights Shomrim has published an alert requesting that all Crown Heights residents take extra precautions tonight, as this Halloween evening is more rowdy than normal. Multiple groups of teens are reported to be roaming the streets assaulting people at random.

Weekly Letter: How Does Gentile Make Peace With G-d?

In connection with Parshas Noach – we share a letter which the Rebbe writes to a non-Jew who is asking “how does Gentile make peace with G-d?” In it the Rebbe explains how one can live a life of fulfillment through the adherence to the Seven Laws given by G-d to the children of Noach. 

As California Fires Rage, Postponed Funeral, Support for Firefighters, Residents

As the Kincade Fire in Northern California continues to grow to 76,000 acres, Rabbi Mendel Wolvovsky attempted to bring some relief to weary residents and emergency personnel Tuesday morning offering homemade breakfast and conversation even as he had to reschedule a congregant’s funeral because the local cemetery could not accommodate them with the fires raging nearby.

Picture of the Day

Despite a breaking issue that prompted an emergency landing, Israel’s version of “Air Force One” is taking off. The new sleek blue paint job along with special modifications make the old Quantas Boeing Jet something special.