Pittsburgh University Chabad on Campus Celebrates 31st Anniversary

On Saturday night, October 26th, Pittsburgh University Chabad House on Campus celebrated its 31st Anniversary Event honoring Chancellor Patrick Gallagher for his support of Jewish life on campus.

From the Havdallah ceremony in memory of the Tree of Life Kedoshim to the student fund created in honor of the Chancellor towards mental health awareness on campus, and the inspiring remarks from County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Rabbi Shmuli Rothstein, Senior Vice Chancellor, Kathy Humphrey, and Chancellor Patrick Gallagher, it was an incredible evening.

Rabbi Shmuel and Sara Weinstein are the directors of Pittsburgh University Chabad House on Campus, together with Pitt undergrad directors Rabbi Shmuli and Chasi Rothstein and JGrads Directors Rabbi Shua and Shoshana Hoexter.

The event was well-attended by numerous guests, including County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Director of the Pittsburgh Holocaust Center, Lauren Bairnsfather, Pittsburgh Federation CEO Jeff Finkelstein, as well as others.

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