BDE: Chaim Eliezer Cohen, 91, OBM

With great sadness we report the passing of Chaim Eliezer (Howard L) Cohen Hakohen OBM, a long time resident of Crown Heights who was zoiche to be by the Rebbe many times. He passed away Sunday, the 23rd of Nissan, 5779.

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JetBlue Flight Quarantined at JFK Over Measles Scare

A Jet Blue flight at JFK Airport was placed into quarantine, Sunday night, after two passengers showed possible signs of having the highly contagious measles virus. Sources tell YWN that JetBlue Flight 410 from Santo Domingo Republic is carrying dozens of Orthodox Jewish passengers who are returning from a Pesach program

Video of the Day

Watch as Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, the Rabbi injured in the Poway attack, tell his story in chilling detail, and show the strength of Am Yisroel. The attack took the life of one woman, and injured three others, including Rabbi Goldstein himself.

8:00pm: Poway Shooting on Acharon Shel Pesach – How Should We React?

The topics in this week’s 258th episode of the highly acclaimed popular MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: Poway Shooting on Acharon Shel Pesach – How Should We React? Are the Rebbe’s Words on 28 Nissan Still Relevant Today, or Did We Miss an Opportunity? Are Long Wigs an Issue? What Guidelines Can We Use to Find the Right Yeshiva for Our Child? Why Not Send Children to Non-Chabad Schools Which Produce Better Results? Can We Make a Connection Between Two Negative Events That Happened in the Same Location?

Info to be Menachem Avel the Fox Family

The Fox family is sitting Shiva following the passing of their mother, Mrs. Devorah Fox obm. Shiva times and locations in extended article.

Bein Hazmanim Program A Massive Success

Over forty Bochurim from seven Yeshivos recently took part in in a Yeshivas Bein Hazmanim program, newly launched by the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim. The five day, Crown Heights based program, aims to provide Bochurim with an environment in which to learn during the Yeshiva break, and prepare for the auspicious day of Yud-Alef Nissan.

Two Prisoners Returned to Syria in Goodwill Gesture

Following the transfer of IDF soldier Zachary Baumel’s body from Syria to Israel, Israel released two Syrian prisoners held in Israel Sunday morning. The IDF Spokesperson confirmed that the two Syrian prisoners had been transferred to the Red Cross through the Kuneitra crossing on the Golan Heights.