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Rail Link to Newark Airport Goes Before Public

The public was to get its first detailed look at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s $1.7 billion plan to extend PATH train service to Newark Liberty International Airport, a project that has engendered debate inside the agency over whether it should be shelved in favor of other initiatives.

Report: White House to Prepare Embassy Move

US President Donald Trump may formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital early next week and direct his staff to prepare for moving the embassy to Jerusalem, Channel 2 News reported Wednesday night.

Jewish Campus Organizations Team Up for Security

Chabad on Campus has joined forces with Hillel International, the Jewish Federation, and the AEPi fraternity – all groups serving Jewish college students – to coordinate on security for Jewish students and faculty members in light of rising Anti-Semitism on Campus.

Memorials Erected to Jewish Victims of Stalingrad

About 70 Volgograd Jews, from school children to Holocaust survivors, took part in a memorial trip organized by city’s Jewish community to two villages, whose Jewish residents were murdered in 1942. Volgograd is a city in southwest Russia, where the Battle of Stalingrad took place in 1942-1943, which changed the course of the war.

Video: Medical Utopias of the Future

What does Judaism have to say about the elimination of disease, the reversing of aging, and prospects for human immortality? This JLI workshop examines recent medical breakthroughs in genetic engineering, stem cell research, and nanotechnology in the context of classical Jewish sources.