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Video: Frum 75 Times More Likely to Donate Kidney

Orthodox Jews comprise only 0.2% of the U.S. population, but make up 15% of all kidney donors in the country. This means an Orthodox Jew is 75 times more likely to donate a kidney than the average American. Why is this? Let’s hear from some of the donors themselves in this video by Jew in the City.

Petition Aims to Disband Traffic Courts

A Monsey lawyer is looking to change the way traffic violations are handled in New York City, with an online petition that he hopes will convince lawmakers to disband an administrative traffic court bureau that was created more than four decades ago.

Op-Ed: Judging the Standard of Judging Standards

“While the enforcement of a student’s tznius style can be easily imposed from within the classroom, determining whether a child’s mother maintains the required standards is often based on sketchy observations, unintentional misunderstandings, hazy perceptions, distorted hearsay, and untrue gossip,” says the anonymous author of this op-ed submitted to