Video: The Brooklyn Kid Who’s Out-Barbecuing Texas

“Meet the Brooklyn kid whose Kosher barbecue is impressing the best pitmasters” is the title of the latest episode of The Meat Show, whose host, Nick Solares, recently visited Izzy’s Smokehouse in Crown Heights to taste and critique their Texas-style barbecue fare.


  • DeClasse' Intellectual

    Congratulations to Izzy. In the past we have worked as a masgiach in a deli that smoked its own meats and one of the main issues was that the cooking medium was limited and the rub had to be absolutely controlled.

    You know what is really great–smoked buffalo brisket. now that they have kosher elk in the Dakotas , how about smoked elk brisket which according to my non-Jewish associates in the cooking world–is much better then regular brisket.

  • Gordon Ramsey

    In the old days, Kosher cooking was stodgy, heavy stuff: think cholent, kugel, kishka, or greasy chicken soup with feathers floating.

    Today, there are so many different & super elegant styles of kosher cooking and they rank with the best in the world. Now smoked meat is getting rave reviews! You and others are putting kosher fine dining and deliciousness on the map!

    • Anonymous

      Really? Someone promoting their successful kosher establishment and showing it can be done and that’s all you got out of it?

  • DeClasse' Intellectual

    #3) I think it is Solomon and Brothers–I know they do buffalo and lamb

    #5) About time we developed Eastern
    European kosher cusine to the level it deserves–too often it was like food for those without taste buds!!!!!!Next step to go along with this is presentation which is more then 50% of the show!!!!!

    #6) Get real what pusak in the Chumash or the Shulhan Orach states that kosher food should taste like a rejected brand ecch product??

  • DeClasse' Intellectual

    #7) Who would have thunk it??? Just like years ago kosher pizza palaces and take out kosher Chinese–swe have suvived as a people because we have been able to adapt and to be flexable without losing–yet instead promoting–our core principles of what we are!!!!!

  • Yankel Todres


    Wow, this gives us a truly great opportunity to fulfill “Kadeish Atzmecha B’mutar Loch”.