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Video: Frum 75 Times More Likely to Donate Kidney

Orthodox Jews comprise only 0.2% of the U.S. population, but make up 15% of all kidney donors in the country. This means an Orthodox Jew is 75 times more likely to donate a kidney than the average American. Why is this? Let’s hear from some of the donors themselves in this video by Jew in the City.


  • 1. Unsung heroes in our midst! wrote:

    Quietly a Shlucha mother of many, kah, just recently was one of those heroes who selflessly gave life to another bas yisroel desperately in need of a lifeline.

    Bravo, to all those who mobilized in the effort to find a match and save her life!

  • 2. Ba'al Tosif wrote:

    We all know how great the Rebbe was and how he cared about all Jews and humanity. Question: Did the Rebbe ever donate a kidney? No?! But if it is such a great thing to do – Why didn’t he do it??? As chassidim we use the Rebbe as our example…Need I say more?!

    • 3. Off wrote:

      I do not have an answer or retort, but I do know that your point is so off.

  • 4. Interesting wrote:

    That is awesome, but is there a way we can increase the donations of after life as Orthodox Jews those numbers don’t really exist


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