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Gmar Chasima Tova From Heights Properties

Moment of Silence Spreads in NYC Public Schools

P.S. 191, also known as The Paul Robeson School, sits at the border of Crown Heights and Brownsville. The school’s student population, around 300 suffer from poverty to the extent that 99% of them meet the standards for free or reduced-price lunches. Some even live at a homeless shelter next door. But, at 8:30, every morning, just like clockwork, a moment of silence is observed. It may only last for one minute, but for that moment, the entire school is quiet.

Shluchim Help Evacuate Body of Young Accident Victim

The body of 12-year old Israeli girl Nicole Surkin, killed in a driving accident in Khabarovsk in the Far-East of Russia yesterday, will be flown to its final resting place in Israel tomorrow morning. Chabad rabbis and community leaders of Khabarovsk and Birobidjan were called upon to help speed up the process of recovering the body from the Russian police, and to facilitate its transfer to Israel.

Video: Back to the Future, Part Jew

Is time travel possible? Its been a part of science fiction for centuries, but could it really occur? The nature of time is a fascinating topic that has been discussed since the days of the Greek philosophers. In the modern era, with a new look at the universe, the possibility of time travel is quickly moving from a science-fiction topic to something within the realm of possibility.