Chabad Files Lawsuit Against New Jersey Town

Chabad of Toms River, NJ, has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the township for the town’s denial for a variance to allow the synagogue to legally operate at its current location, alleging antisemitic discrimination.

Recently Discovered Rare Manuscript Published

Kehot Publication Society, the Chabad-Lubavitch publishing house, has announced the publication of a lengthy and fundamental discourse-maamar by the second leader of Chabad, Rabbi DovBer of Lubavitch, known as the “Mitteler Rebbe.” This never-before published maamar, entitled “Matzoh Zu,” was delivered 192 years ago, and was recently discovered.

Town Hall Meeting to Protest Homeless Shelter

The New York City Department of Homeless Services is in the final stages of a plan to open a large homeless shelter on Crown Street between New York and Rogers Ave. in Crown Heights, just one block away from Beis Rivkah Girls’ School and P.S. 161.

Eco-Friendly Day School Tapped for Accreditation

It’s been nearly three years now since the 100 or so students at MaimonidesJewish Day School and The Gan–Portland Jewish Preschool in Portland, Ore., walked through the doors of their school’s new building on an extended campus, constructed to minimize the facility’s carbon footprint and reflect the state’s environmental concerns.

Did you say the ‘Nasi’ Today? (Tes Nissan)

From the Safer Haminhagim: Every day from Rosh Chodesh Nissan until the twelfth of the month, one reads the passage that describes the offering brought on that day by a particular Nasi, or tribal prince, for the dedication of the altar of the Mishkan. Yehi Ratzon in the Extended Article.