Penn State Students Honor Shliach’s Late Father

Over 300 hundred students attended the first ever “Mega Shabbat” dinner at Penn State’s Alumni Hall this past Friday night. The dinner was arranged by the Chabad Student Board, in honor of Yossi Gourarie, OBM, late father of Chabad of the Undergrads Co-Director, Rabbi Hershy Gourarie, who passed away in April of last year after a prolonged battle with brain cancer.

Brazil Teens Rediscover Judaism on Skiing Trip

For the fifteenth time, Noach Adventures organized an amazing camp in the middle of the Brazilian summer to spend two weeks of fun filled trips in Canada and New York. At this once in a lifetime trip, 45 teens went to experience winter sports and chassidishe warmth. For many it was the first time to see snow, or keep a real Shabbos.

Video: A Quest for Oiz, Part 3

This video is the third episode in the Quest for Oiz series. Produced by Tzivos Hashem and filmed in Crown Heights, the videos follow the quest of a young school boy as he searches for ‘oiz’ – power – and learns an important lesson on how it’s achieved, while collecting cards of the mightiest armies in the world.

Teen Girl Pushed onto Subway Tracks, Robbed

A group of teenage boys shoved a teenage girl onto the subway tracks before assaulting and robbing her, police said. The incident took place at around 8:00pm last night, Sunday, at the Utica Avenue subway station in Crown Heights.

Rebbe: ‘Make Noise’ About Released Time

It would be an uphill battle for the Rebbe Rayatz, whose Yahrtzeit is marked today, to be able to bring Yiddishkeit to American Jewish youth. In the 1940 American Jewish atmosphere, the need to bring Yiddishkeit through various channels was understood by the Rebbe Rayatz. The efforts included establishing Jewish day schools and producing top notch children publications.

Picture of the Day: Palm Springs, California

In a stunning reversal from the fact that Satmar was vehemently opposed to the Rebbe’s Tefilin campaign when it was first launched in the late 60s and 70s, the Rebbe of Satmar-Kiryas Yoel, Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum, helped a young man put on Tefilin at the Chabad Center of Palm Springs, California.