Video: A Quest for Oiz, Part 3

This video is the third episode in the Quest for Oiz series. Produced by Tzivos Hashem and filmed in Crown Heights, the videos follow the quest of a young school boy as he searches for ‘oiz’ – power – and learns an important lesson on how it’s achieved, while collecting cards of the mightiest armies in the world.


  • Upset

    So upset. My child came home crying that she was scared of the video. Who approves this content?


    I work in a local school.
    I’ve been in classrooms in which the children of various ages were watching the video.
    ALL the children enjoyed the video.
    NOT ONE CHILD exhibited any fear or distress due to watching the video.
    Please watch the video, and post back here, informing us what part of the video you felt is inappropriate for the children to see.
    Thank You in advance!

    • Not confused.

      Lol. U say ur a staff member… then u say “inform us”… who is us? If no one was scared, why do u care for someone to inform “us” what was scary.

  • Sorry but

    To school master….
    In another local school kids walked out in middle of the video because they were too scared….

  • The video

    It is AMAZING! aall the quest for oiz videos are excelent!
    Good job to all those who made this possible!
    It is quite scary though it could of been made for the same purpose and same everything just not make it so scary…
    But besides for that i think it was soooooo good!

  • to #2

    Some kids got scared some not…
    I think the part when the guy collapses is a very scary and innapropiate part…..
    The video is very cool and exciting but it was scary…


    You don’t sound like a staff member…

    1. local? local to who?

    2. sounds like you are someone working for TH who is trying to whitewash and reassure everyone that it was ok and NO ONE exhibited any fear. perhaps you are talking about a crowd who already watches movies etc.

    The hatzala scene was TOO dramatic, and the message (whatever it was supposed to be) was completely lost on the kids.

    and why use a video promo image that makes clear reference to goyishe movies?

  • Anonymous

    You guys let your kids watch a loot worse stuff, and your complaining??!!

    You should be ashamed.

  • New tune

    *Can someone please put out an original tune for a change?? No issues with the nice voice, good message of this song, but can we get a little original with the tunes??

    *T.T.T.O. Ani Ma’amin

  • To anonymous...

    Excellent point. However, i imagine those who were upset/scared come from families who have higher standards. Sadly, it seems the organization is catering to those who dont have…

  • Watched with my 8 year old

    Excellent video -my daughter was very sad regarding the blind student – it is aways hard to see what we perceive as suffering especially in a young child, however there was a beautiful lesson to be learned that not everyones life is as easy as ones own and when I asked her what the message of the video was she said to show that Hashem creates the world with his code – message received !

  • To all the traumatized parents

    I am a parent, I work in a school, and I do not have a tv, nore do my children watch any kind of movies. We do not even have a computer in my house.
    To you all!!!
    It is shameful that when you need to bash something you need to make it public!!!
    if your children would not have Tzivos Hashem, the hachail magazine, the missions and the vidoes/rally to look forward too, what would keep them connected today!!!
    My children came home excited, overjoyed and bursting to tell me about the rally!!!! They watched the same video your children watched and yes I have a first grader and was not afraid!! Your telling me that every time your children see hatzolah they get afraid, your finding something so good and so powerful and just want to complain!!!
    To the person that wrote but, parents do expect a little more from Tzivos Hashem, shocking!!!! Do you begin to realize what Tzivos Hashem is providing for your children!! As fast as you wrote that comment did you ever think to thank them for what they do!!!
    I don’t work in Tzivos Hashem, I do not live in Crown Heights for that matter, but without Tzivos Hashem our shabbos table would not be what it is, Negal vasser by my children’s bed may not be what it is, and the list does not end!!
    To you all, take your complaint to where it counts. If you really cared!!! You did not just want to make some shturum, go to Tzivos Hashem and talk to someone! Don’t post for 10000 ppl to read to make some trouble!
    See the good! Thank them for what they do! Put your money where your mouth is, send a donation of thanks!
    And next time post positively!! Say ty!! And cut all the garbage!

    • Chill

      אין טוב בלא רע…
      No one is infallible. Th is a great org. People r using this forum to give thanks AND critique… u cant seem to accept that is concernng…

      9/10 kids in my school came away saying things like “did u see the guy fainting?”, and, “the hatzala was so cool”. And when discussing/farbrenging about the rally with my class afterwards, the actual message was basically lost on the kids. Like most movies they watch…….