Global Seder Sichos Held in Honor of Yud Shvat

More than 200 Bochurim from around the world gathered together on Erev Yud Shevat for a special Seder Limud in the Rebbe’s Torah.

A special curriculum prepared by the Vaad Hatmimim was picked by several Mashpi’im and distributed to the Bochurim, which included Sichos on Yud Shevat and the Hanocho of the Yud Shevat Farbrengen which was screened later that night at the Ohel and the Kolel.

More than 75 Bochurim who wrote a summary on what they learnt joined a special raffle on sets of the Rebbe’s Ma’morim and the newly released Book “early years” by JEM.

The event was followed by the panel “Farbrengen: A Journey Through the Rebbe’s Nesius” at the “New Shul” at 580 Crown St.

Some of the Yeshivos which participated:

Lev Tmimim, Monsey
Oholei Yosef Yitzchok, Detroit
Yeshivas Ohr Elchonon Zal, Los Angeles
Yeshivas Ohr Elchonon Mesivta, Los Angeles
Chovevei Torah Zal
Chovevei Torah Mesivta
Yeshivas Tzeirei Hashluchim, Tzfas
Yeshiva Gedola Lubavitch, London
Oholei Torah Zal
Yeshivas Lubavitch, Manchester
Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim, Morristown
Yeshiva Gedola, Miami

A big thank you to Rabbi Mendy Blau and Rabbi Levi Tzukernik from Yeshivas Chovevei Torah.

This event was part of the Yud Shevat schedule from the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim Haolami.

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