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Picture of the Day: Berlin Shows Solidarity

Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal, rabbi of the Jewish community in Berlin and the local Chabad Shliach, stands in front of the iconic Brandenburg Gate last night as the Israeli flag was projected onto it, expressing solidarity with the people of Israel after the terror attack they experienced yesterday in Jerusalem.

Roasted Coffee Served Up at New Crown Heights Cafe

Until recently, Zalmy Mochkin had no specific experience as a coffee roaster. But for years he’s been tasting great coffee anywhere he can find it, from San Francisco (where he visited the original Blue Bottle Coffee with his brother) to the Australian outback, where he swears he found a perfect cup while road-tripping to Perth.

Bomb Threats Called In to Jewish Schools Worldwide

Thousands of Jewish students across the United States and the UK are being sent home today amid a flurry of bomb threats that have been leveled against Jewish day schools in Florida, Tennessee, Maryland, South Carolina, California and London.

CKids Gear Up for First International Kids’ Shabbos

On the 22nd of Teves – January 20, thousands of Jewish children all around the world will be joining together to celebrate Shabbos. The latest in a series of fun, inspiring, and family centered events from CKids Club, the International Shabbat Dinner unites Jewish families from more than 80 Chabad Houses and Hebrew Schools for an evening of connection, friendship, and spiritual rejuvenation.

Music Video: L’chaim

An unplanned trip to an antique store catapults Israeli singing sensation Gad Elbaz back through the generations to a 19th century Ukrainian shtetl, a simpler time and place where, despite the lack of modern conveniences, happiness was all around for the taking.

Video: Child Soloist Sings ‘Neshoma’

Watch this heartwarming rendition of “Neshoma,” featuring renowned child soloist Avrum Chaim Green and the Freilach Band. This moving song depicts the ‘Neshoma’s’ yearning to be closer to Hashem, and Klal Yisroel’s longing for the Beis Hamikdash to be rebuilt.