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Video: The Jewish Siri

On a Kosher phone, Siri is replaced by a familiar voice to lovers of Jewish music, in this latest video by filmmaker and comedian Mendy Pellin.


  • 5. Brilliant! wrote:

    Go Avrohom Fried! What a sport!
    And Mendy? you did it again! :)))

  • 7. Bob Freedman wrote:

    A minor miracle: I’m in my 80th year and not particularly frum, but I was catching up with some of the Crown Heights Terminology, and I found a word in a Maamar by one of the Luvavitch Rebbeim–MIVTZOYIM. I was stumped, so I used Gargle to look it up.

    For some reason I was led to your hilarious videos; I watched the rap and the Siri-equivalent videos, and if I could drive at night I’d be at Mendel’s next performance in a flash (well, perhaps a flicker).

    Thank you providing laughter unlike any I’ve experienced since I was a lot younger.

    Bob (Reuven ben Moshe)


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