Florida Chabad Shuls Prepare for Matthew’s Fury

As South Central Florida braces for a brutal direct hit from Hurricane Matthew, Chabad centers from the Sunshine State through the Carolinas are hard at work securing Sifrei Torah and preparing for possible hordes of evacuees.

Weekly Story: The Journey of a Jew

The moment the train pulled into the station, all of a sudden dozens and dozens of people rushed onto the platform. The villager was astonished and impressed as how these people knew the exact time they should arrive and didn’t waste their time waiting for the train to come.

Lubavitcher Beaten Nearly to Death in Ukraine

Rabbi Mendel Deutsch, a prominent Lubavitcher Chossid and community activist from Jerusalem, was savagely beaten nearly to death by a mob of Ukrainian anti-Semites in the city of Zhitomir this morning.

Meaningful Life Center Publishes The Inside Story

The Inside Story: A Chassidic Perspective on Biblical Events, Laws, and Personalities Volume I: Genesis hits the shelves of bookstores just in time for the beginning of the Torah cycle. There is a lot of anticipation over the release of this book by the many fans of Yanki Tauber’s acclaimed Week in Review.