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Eber’s Wine and Liquor Tishrei Sale

Roving Rabbis Reach Out to Jews in South Dakota

Tzvi Alperowitz, 20, of Great Britain and Mayer Brook, 19, of Brooklyn, New York, both rabbinical students, were in Rapid City early last week and in Pierre on Thursday. Along the way, they stopped at landmark South Dakota sights such as Mount Rushmore and the Capitol Dome.

Chabad in Israeli Hospital Keeps Children Busy

Beit Chabad in Assaf HaRofeh Hospital in Rishon L’Tzion is running a summer camp experience for children who are admitted to day admissions area of the hospital. The program includes drawing, singing, dancing, and workshops, including one on eating healthy, which is run by a health professional under Chabad supervision.

Picture of the Day: Uber Driver’s Inspiration

Crown Heights comedian and filmmaker Moshe Kravitzky recently took a ride with Uber; his driver spent most of the ride talking to him about G-dliness and how to make the world a better place. When they arrived at his destination, the driver excitedly pulled out his phone and showed Moshe where he gets his daily dose of inspiration – JEM’s daily video of the Rebbe app.

The Strength to Move Forward

In honor of the upcoming Shloshim of Mrs. Chaia Mushka Stiefelmann, OBM, beloved Shlucha in S. Paulo, Brazil, and loving mother to four children, we present the English transcript of a lecture delivered by her husband, Rabbi Avraham Stiefelmann, in loving memory of his wife.

New Chassidus Chavrusa Initiative Gains Steam

It only started about a month ago, but is already growing rapidly and gaining interest. “Memaleh Kol Almin” is the unique name of the new program which arranges, matches, and connects study partners in Chassidus from all over the world.