Sydney Hatzalah Rescues 7 Drowning Vacationers

A massive Kiddush Hashem unfold on a Sydney beach today when Hatzalah volunteers were the first to respond to an emergency in which seven vacationing students were drowning in the ocean.

The volunteers helped administer first aid and transported the seven young men to the hospital for emergency treatment. Five of them are expected to make a full recovery, while another two remain in critical condition.

A local news outlet reports:

At around 12.30pm two students who were wading at the ocean’s edge got into trouble after the surf pulled them into deeper waters.

Other students attempted to rescue them, however it’s believed they also got into trouble.

Lifeguards from Bondi managed to rescue all involved and resuscitation was commenced on two of the young males.

NSW Ambulance dispatched local community first responders, in additional to their primary care units.

Haztolah responders assisted lifeguards and an off ED Nurse who was at the beach at the time assisted with airway management on the most serious patient.

The students were on a two week trip from Indonesia. A student said this was their first time to Bondi Beach.

They were told they could wade in the shallow sea, but were not permitted to enter the surf.

Inspector Norm Spalding said in an interview, that the students were lucky to have year round lifeguards patrolling Bondi.

Six of the students were transported to Sydney Children’s Hospital, whilst the most serious patient was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital.

Click here to view a video news report of the incident (Tznius warning).

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  • tony

    To the best of my knowledge Hatzolah in Australia does not transport patients to hospital. Only Ambulance service does.

  • Avraham Shimon

    Way To Go Sydney Hatzala !!! Always doing a Gr8 job wherever the situation is needed !!!

  • Moshe Eliyahu

    Sydney Hatzalah is the best, always there & ready to help someone in dangerous situations, No matter what it is !!! Great Job Sydney Hatzalah !! Keep up the Great Work !!!

  • To #1

    How do you know that “Hatzalah in Australia” doesn’t transport patients to the Hospital ? Maybe in Melbourne not but in Sydney maybe Yes, how do u know ? Have u been there & seen what they do ? Why should Sydney Hatzalah be any different than any other Hatzalah in the world ?

  • Yehuda

    To #1 & #5
    From the article. “NSW Ambulance dispatched local community first responders”. That means that Hatzolah works in tandem with NSW ambulance & there is no need for them to transport.

  • To #6

    So what is the reason why CH & other cities in the US does take ppl to the hospital, & what is the reason why Sydney doesn’t ? There has to be a differentiation bet the 2 why in the US yes & in Sydney No ?

  • Mordechai Binyamin

    It’s also very interesting that in Sydney they will even do Goyim, bec in this story the students weren’t jewish, my question is, what would they have done if a Yid called Hatzalah @ the same time, what would they do then, the whole purpose for Hatzalah is for Yidden, run by Frum Yidden