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Video: Setting a New World Record

In response to those who said Tel Aviv is not a holy city, a group of young volunteers working in tandem with Chabad on the Coast wrapped Tefilin with 262 men in just under 10 hours, setting a world record!


  • 1. Elul is coming wrote:

    May they be successful in getting those who call themselves homosexual there to do complete teshuva and renounce that abominable practice.

  • 2. To #1 wrote:

    Yes Elul is starting this week, but look at the positive side, this is truly the whole inyan of the Tefillin Campaign the Rebbe started back 49 years ago, to get as many yidden as possible to put on Tefillin, Tel Aviv might outwardly look like it’s not a Holy city, but it’s still part of the ”Holy Land” & when HKB”H (HaKadosh Baruch Hu) sees all these yidden putting on Tefillin right before the beginning of Chodesh Elul, & continuing into the Month of Elul HKB”H sees his children returning to him & says yes even though they might not be keeping shabbos but they are putting on Tfilin & talking 2 Hashem, this is the whole inyan of “Melech BaSadeh” the king is in the field, & definitely these ppl & all of Klal Yisrole will merit a Happy, Healthy, Successful, New Year, a Big Yashar Koach goes out 2 the Bachurim who arranged this & made it happen !! & BE”H the next time will get even bigger #z Way 2 Go !! Keep up the Gr8 Work !! G-d sees this & will definitely look @ this & will stand as Zchusim for all these bachurim infront of HKB”H & he will give them a great year !!

  • 3. Avraham Yehuda wrote:

    When G-d sees his children doing Mitzvot & calling out to him this is the Greatest thing !! 262 Tefillin in 1 day !! Wow !! Mazal Tov !! To the Bachurim who did this & made it happen !! G-d sees what your doing for Am Yisroel & will for sure give u a Gr8, happy successful New Year, this is the when point of Mivtzah Tefillin, to get as many yidden to put on Tefillin, this is serious Hatzlacha & G-d is so proud of u. Keep up the Great work, continue this project throught the month of Elul, maybe even speak to them a little about keeping shabbos slowly, by slowly, make sure that as many ladies as possible light Shabbat candles, this will bring Moshiach Now !!


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