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After 55 Years of Work in Minnesota, Couple to Be Honored

It’s been 55 years since Rabbi Moshe and Mindelle Feller set out to found Upper Midwest Merkos–Chabad Lubavitch in Minnesota in the winter of 1961, a mere month after their marriage. Now, for the first time in a career that has spanned 10 U.S. presidencies and countless meaningful interactions, the couple has agreed to be honored at a gala dinner of the Cheder Lubavitch Day School, which the couple founded 39 years ago in St. Paul.

Tragedy: Two Chasidic Men Drown in Miami

Two prominent members of the Satmar Chasidic community in New York passed away this morning in a tragic accident on a Miami area Beach, where they were pulled into the sea by a riptide.

Missing Paroches Returned 100 Years Later

The Jewish community of Irkutsk, a city in the Russian far north of Siberia, has recently relived an exhilaration like no other: the ancient parochet, the decorative cover for the alcove containing Torah scrolls in the city synagogue, that mysteriously disappeared over a hundred years ago, was returned home through courageous efforts of its rabbi and with the help of no one other than the city mayor himself.

Students in Mental Crisis Find Help, Healing, at Chabad

The first crisis the young Chabad rabbi encountered when he arrived at the University of Pennsylvania was a suicide. The victim was the son of a faculty member and Rabbi Menachem Schmidt, the campus’ new Chabad representative, was called in to help the grieving family. Following that tragedy, Schmidt founded a crisis intervention line for students in distress and opened the doors of Lubavitch House at Penn as a safe haven for everyone.