200 Jewish Passengers Singled Out, Removed from Flight

Nearly 200 Jewish passengers were singled out and removed from an EasyJet flight from Barcelona, Spain, to Paris, France, last week. The travelers, who were mostly returning home from Passover vacation spent in Spain, were escorted off the flight by Spanish armed police officers.

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Scandinavia’s Shluchim Gather for Regional Kinus

Shluchim from the Scandinavian countries gathered this weekend in Stockholm, Sweden, for a regional Kinus, which has become a tradition over the last three years. The guest of honor at the kinus was Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, the vice chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch.

New Synagogue for Moscow Inmates‏

A new prayer-room was opened in a Moscow penitentiary last week, the 13th place of prayer for Jewish inmates throughout Russia in the country’s jails and penitentiary systems. The new prayer-room is shared with Muslim inmates, and the opening was attended by the chief rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, as well as chief mufti Izrat Halatudinov, generals from the Defense Ministry and city officials.