Parents Beam with Pride at ULY Siddur Party

The proud parents and grandparents of the students of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva’s Pre-1A gathered to celebrate the Talmidim’s Siddur party.

At the event, the Talmidim and parents watched a Sicha of the Rebbe addressed to children, speaking about how by a child, learning Torah is his only profession, his whole life and enthusiasm, and how the parents can take a lesson from their children in how to approach Torah with enthusiasm of complete investment.

Rabbi Goldstein translated the Sicha for the Tamidim and also spoke about the greatness of the accomplishment of being able to read Lashon Hakodesh.

Each class performed a special presentation, including singing the 12 Pesukim and Tanya B’al Peh that they learned this year.

Every Talmid received his own Siddur, with his name embossed in gold, along with a specially designed cupcake and nosh bag, and a prize.

A special video presentation titled “A Day in Lubavitcher Yeshiva” brought parents into the classrooms and into the happy world of their son in Lubavitcher Yeshiva.

The beaming Talmidim then joined their Rebbis and parents for a special photo-op capturing the beauty of this momentous occasion.

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  • 1. Beautiful! wrote:

    Wow! Thank you so Lubavitcher Yeshiva! You’re doing a wonderful job in raising the next generation of chassidim. Beautiful event. Thank you!

  • 2. Grateful parents wrote:

    Thank you Rabbi Schwartz, Thank you Rabbi Simpson, Rabbi Goldstein and all the wonderful Melamdim and staff of ULY
    We are so happy that we chose ULY for our son.

  • 3. Thank You wrote:

    My son is having the best year in Rabbi Katzen’s Class.
    Thank you Rabbi Katzen and all the dedicated Rebbis

  • 4. Parent wrote:

    Yasher Koach!
    Rabbi Hurwitz shows such care and devotion to each student, we feel it in how our son comes home and in his excitement to go to Yeshiva in the morning!
    Thank you Rabbi Hurwitz and thank you ULY!


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