A Model Seder at a Catholic University

After meeting the students on their turf for the first time last week, Rabbi Mendy and Tzippy Weiss  wasted no time engaging those attending St. Thomas University, a private Catholic school. For the past 21 years, the Weisses have worked with the South Florida community nearby the university, but struggled trying to establish a Chabad presence on the campus.

Op-Ed Response: Daf Yomi and the Yetzer Hara

In response to a recent op-ed written by Rabbi Alexander Heppenheimer of Crown Heights, who encouraged Lubavitcher Chassidim to take up the daily study of the Daf Yomi, which stirred much controversy due to the Rebbe’s purported distaste for the custom, renowned educator Rabbi Yossi Paltiel had this to say.

Descendants of Massachusetts Shliach Continue Matzah Delivery Tradition

More than 60 years ago, Rabbi Dovid Edelman of Springfield, Massachusetts began a tradition of delivering hand-made shmurah matzato local Jewish residents. Rabbi Edelman, who passed away on Jan 2, 2015, at the age of 90, began his matza route in 1954. The tradition is now continued by Rabbi Edelman’s son-in-law, Rabbi Noach Kosofsky, and grandson, Rabbi Lavy Kosofsky, of Longmeadow, Massachusetts. This month, the rabbis will hand deliver the matza to 900 local addresses, including Jewish individuals, families, and businesses.