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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Win New York Primaries

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton notched resounding victories in New York Tuesday night, answering questions about their command of the race as the front-runners moved significantly closer to their party’s nominations.

Their decisive wins usher in a new phase in the 2016 campaign. Both Trump and Clinton have fought bitterly for months to keep their rivals at bay, each slogging through primary contests that exposed vulnerabilities in their candidacies and campaigns.

On Tuesday, Trump came close to sweeping New York’s 95 delegates — a development that could help the Manhattan real estate mogul win the GOP nomination outright and avoid what would be an explosive and messy contested convention in July. Clinton’s win, meanwhile, will go a long way in blunting the momentum of Bernie Sanders — the liberal Vermont senator whose unexpected popularity has dogged the former secretary of state.

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    • 2. Anonymous wrote:

      Why? Not everyone must have the same political views as u. U must be a liberal.

  • 4. Ben Shapiro wrote:

    13 Times New York Voters Proved Their Stupidity

    So, yesterday New Yorkers proved once again that they are cynical, brilliant and tough by voting in droves for a bloviating, nasty old lying con man and a corrupt, vicious old political hack. This demonstrates that New Yorkers are thick-skinned and culturally aware. Or something.

    Truthfully, however, last night’s vote doesn’t even hit the top 10 in terms of bad New York city and state votes and movements. Here are 12 other doozies:

    1. New York Abstains From The Declaration Of Independence. The Lee Resolution, which Congress adopted to announce its independence from Great Britain, had to be adopted without any dissenters. New York abstained. Of course.

    2. New York Goes Copperhead. In the middle of the Civil War, New York voted in Governor Horatio Seymour, a Democrat. Remember, the Democrats were on the wrong side of the Civil War. In February 1861, Seymour sided with the Southerners openly. As the Governor, Seymour pledged to fight the Lincoln Administration’s efforts to prosecute the war. He also opposed emancipation and conscription. When rioters took to the streets to protest the draft, Seymour promptly justified them by stating that the Conscription Act was unconstitutional.

    3. New York Spawns Progressivism. New York elected Teddy Roosevelt governor on the basis of his progressive, big government politics. Roosevelt may have been a Republican, but he was a progressive first and foremost; he believed in using government to crack down on industry (he said commercialism was “mean and sordid”) and laid the groundwork for the massive administrative state. Teddy would go on to hand the White House to the execrable Woodrow Wilson. Thanks, New York!

    4. New York Creates The FDR Era. As if one Roosevelt wasn’t enough, New York put FDR into power – the man who would soon put in place policies exacerbating the Great Depression into a decade-long malaise. As governor of New York, he had no real agenda program, but did create models for his national policies in the form of emergency relief funds and extensions of unemployment benefits. He labeled the Constitution “the most elastic compilation of rules of government ever written.”

    5. New York Elects Robert F. Kennedy. Robert F. Kennedy was from Massachusetts. New York elected him senator anyway. As Tom Lehrer put it, this made Massachusetts “the only state with three senators.” This opened up a can of worms for New York in which celebrities carpetbag over to the state in order to run. What was Nixon’s “home state” in 1968? New York. Hillary Clinton? New York. But don’t worry – New Yorkers insist that they really believe in the quality of other New Yorkers.

    6. New York Supports Robert F. Wagner. Senator Robert F. Wagner helped usher in the destruction of New York City with the National Labor Relations Act, which created unionization of the public sector. This ended up essentially bankrupting New York City, as unions elected their politicians and raided the taxpayer bank accounts.

    7. New York Backs Fiorello La Guardia. La Guardia was mayor from 1934 to 1945. Instead of allowing New York City to build on the back of its own industry and labor and tax base, La Guardia made a habit of looking to FDR and the federal government for funding for both building and jobs, ushering in an era of federal dependency New York has never been able to overcome. By building up a dependency class, LaGuardia hitched New York’s future to big government. And New Yorkers loved him for it.

    8. New York Backs John Lindsey. New York City elected Mayor John Lindsay. Twice. This despite the fact that Lindsay was so anti-cop that cops booed him at the funeral of Officer Rocco Laurie. This despite the fact that Lindsay actively utilized city resources to attempt to enroll people in welfare and hire them to empty government jobs in order to appease potential rioters. Lindsay bred a culture in which one mother actually shouted at him, “I’ve got six kids, and each one of them as a different daddy. It’s my job to have kids, and your job, Mr. Mayor, to take care of them.” Great job, New York.

    9. New York Backs David Dinkins. David Dinkins, a Democratic hack, helped exacerbate racial divisions in New York City; both welfare and crime soared (although crime rates dropped in the latter half of Dinkins’ tenure – but they almost had to given that the murder rate rose to an all-time high under Dinkins). Steven Malangaa writes that Dinkins “wholly embraced the War on Poverty’s core belief that the problems of the urban poor sprang from vast external forces over which neither they nor the politicians had much control….Accordingly, Dinkins wanted to turn the police into social workers. His police commissioner, Lee Brown, believed that cops should stop reacting to crime and become neighborhood ‘problem solvers.’” New Yorkers corrected their mistake by electing Rudy Giuliani after four years of Dinkins.

    10. New York Backs The Cuomos. Mario Cuomo was governor of New York from 1983 to 1994, a period in which New York City became known as a crime center and a disaster area. He expanded welfare policies and pushed leftist social policies. There’s a reason that more black babies are aborted in New York City than born. New Yorkers then elected Cuomo’s son, Andrew, who has spent his tenure grandstanding on race and anti-gun legislation while allowing crime rates to grow and the economy to stagnate.

    11. New York Backs Elliot Spitzer For Governor and Anthony Weiner For Congress. Elliot Spitzer spent a year as Governor of New York before being ousted over a prostitution scandal. Weiner spent years in Congress before sexting over Twitter.

    12. New York Backs Bill De Blasio. Bill De Blasio is a communist who has singlehandedly restored New York to its pre-Giuliani cesspool status. He has undercut the cops, destroyed quality of life, and driven business out of the city.

    So, well done, New York. Trump and Hillary are right in your wheelhouse.

  • 5. Uncle Mendel wrote:

    I don’t want another Narcissistic in the White House. The country is too important to leave in the hands of politicians. I will continue to vote for Trump. What do you want for this upcoming term, more “Hope and Change”? You see where that got you.


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