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Gut Yom Tov! Gut Yom Tov!

Leshana Tovah Belimud HaChasidus ve Darchei HaChasidus, Tikosaivu VeTichosaimu!

Today, Yud Tes Kislev, “The Rosh Hashanah of Chassidus,” marks 217 years since the release of the Alter Rebbe, R. Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chasidus Chabad, from prison in the year 5559 (1798). This year also marks 203 years since the Alter Rebbe’s Histalkus. In honor of this auspicious day, which is referred to by Chasidim as the “Holiday of Holidays,” Farbrengens are being held around the world!

How One Purple Book Revolutionized Kosher Cooking

Steaming-hot chicken soup with carrots, a fluffy matzah ball sitting in the golden broth. Potato latkes piled high, covered with a healthy dose of sour cream or applesauce. And gefilte fish—that sometimes maligned but secretly loved mixture of ground carp, eggs, matzah meal, pepper and sugar, eaten with the mandatory chrein (Yiddish for “horseradish”). Jewish food has a way of stirring up our fondest memories: a grandmother’s Formica kitchen, a snowy Chanukah evening, a traditional Shabbat meal.

Letter: Girls Lack Chumash Foundation

Concerned that second graders in Beis Rivka are not being educated on the proper foundations of Chumash study, one parent and occupational therapist, Chani Klein, raised this concern with school administrators to no avail.

Boston Marks Yud Tes Kislev

Uniting Boston’s Jewish community, over 20 Chabad Centers gathered Motzei Shabbes for an inspiring program in honor of Yud Tes Kislev. The evening was filled with powerful ideas of Chassidus and warm spiritual insights to the Yud Tes Kislev story and the applied lessons to our times.

Baltimore Celebrates Siyum HaRambam and 19 Kislev

Chabad Lubavitch of Baltimore organized a special Maleveh Malkah last night, Motzaei Shabbos, to celebrate the 34th Siyum HaRambam, the yahrzeit of the Maggid of Mezrtich and the Chag Hageulah of 19 of Kislev. The crowd, numbering around 300, gathered in Cheder Chabad for the event, to hear words of Torah and inspiration from both local and guest Rabbonim.