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Jury Finds Sheldon Silver Guilty on All Counts

After a 3-week-long trial, former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D), who was one of New York’s most powerful politicians, has been convicted by a federal jury of bribery and extortion.

Silver stepped down from the leadership post after his January arrest, though he has remained an assemblyman.

Prosecutors had accused Silver of securing more than $3 million in referral fees from personal injury claims, and made millions more from real estate developers and shady investments. But lawyers for the 71-year-old had argued that he committed no crime, and that his actions were normal for politicians in Albany.


  • 2. For once, justice prevails wrote:

    This man made such a colossal chilul Hashem. How the mighty are fallen.

  • 4. belonie wrote:

    this guy should walk.

    anti semites

    nobody lost a dime because of him. there are murderess roaming the streets but they want to put him in for life with rubashkin

  • 5. wow wrote:

    has everyone forgotten that he allowed gay marriage and also stopped yeshiva vouchers because of the teachers union

    • 6. Avraham Yosef wrote:

      He pushed through child tax credits instead of the vouchers. That’s much better for us. We get the money without getting more government involvement in our yeshivos.

      That being said, bribery is not only illegal, it’s an aveirah.

  • 7. mitzvah man2 wrote:

    He will spend the rest of his life in jail. That is fair fair considering his serious crimes.

  • 8. md@ wrote:

    he may have been against (as you say) frum values, but how many frum people have also been caught by the police for crimes. He is a Jew and thats all that the velt sees it as. Chaval,
    HaShem Yerachem aleinu

  • 9. tss2 wrote:

    but that last line
    But lawyers for the 71-year-old had argued that he committed no crime, and that his actions were normal for politicians in Albany.
    is true, and also, it makes me think that anti semites went on a witch hunt and looked to get a Jew.

  • 10. So Sorry wrote:

    Definitly Anti- Semitic Jury.
    We frum people better start getting on the Jury or this will continue.
    Regardless if he was innocent or guilty they let OJ walk after slaughtering two people.
    Sharpton is not in prison for all the enormous crimes he has committed!
    from tax evasion, to the riots where Yankel HY”D was killed.
    Wake up and smell the coffee

    • 11. Nobody wrote:

      There is no way a prosecutor would allow a frum person on a Jury in a trial where the defendant was frum. Isn’t going to happen.

  • 12. mitzvah man2 wrote:

    He should arrange for a leg institute to visit him. He’s getting a life sentence

  • 13. Hello???? wrote:

    These comments are so evil,,,, where is all the hakoras hatov he has done for the Jews??? He outdid himself so many times,,, they hated that the Jew was speaker of the house. So many organizations especially bonei olam benefited from his work, the comments above are like the others wrote about shalom Mordechai.


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